About Me


This is the blog of Cliff Meyers, a software engineer at Capital One. Some of my areas of interest include user interface development, RESTful API design, data and domain modeling, relational databases, automated testing (especially in-browser testing) and build automation.

Some of my favorite server-side technologies include Java, Spring, JPA, Hibernate and JUnit. On the front-end I've enjoyed working with React, TypeScript, Angular, AngularJS and Android.

In previous developer lives I worked extensively with Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR, and was an avid ColdFusion developer for several years.  I have also dabbled with Perl, PHP, Python and C# along the way.

I grew up in Buffalo, NY - the city of perpetually disappointing professional sports teams - and today I live in Richmond, VA.

If you'd like to see what else I've been up to lately, you can view my Twitter feed, my activity on StackOverflow or my code on GitHub.